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hi! i'm lynn.

So let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


I’m a born and raised Southern California girl.  I’m a wife, a mother, a hairdresser and an entrepreneur.  


I married my best friend in 2014. We had our amazing daughter in 2018. I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2000. And I won’t tell you how old I am because I just don’t want to give away every single secret I have. 

Oh who am I kidding, I’m an open book... I’m basically 40. Well, not yet but I will be in summer of 2021. But who’s counting?  , I’m counting 😂


Now that we have the basics covered, let's get a little bit deeper into what this is all about, shall we?


I have a funny reputation amongst my friends that I know a ton of random, but super helpful, crap.  I guess it stems from just always wanting to learn something new.  But I've been able to retain a lot of what I've cultivated and experienced too.  Oh, and I love a good fun fact.  So when I can share something I know, or an awesome hack, with a friend or a client it seriously makes my whole day!

Which is basically how I ended up here with a blog.  A good girlfriend of mine convinced me that all of the random stuff I share all the time should be kept in one place to make it easy for everyone to find whatever they need whenever they needed it.

I am extremely open in sharing my life on social media. The good, the bad, the awkward.  And for the record, there’s probably a lot more awkward than anything else. But that’s just who I am.   (that's a fun follow... hint hint)


I’m striving every day to find that magical balance of work and life.  I’m working to raise awareness of the limb different community to help empower my daughter and help end the stigma of disability.  And through it all I’m trying to be the best me possible and not get lost in the shuffle. Because sometimes that’s what happens when you try to take it all on. 

...amirite moms???


I went to cosmetology school in 2000 not that long after graduating high school.  I consider myself very lucky that I found my passion at such a young age.


I found my second career as a skincare consultant by accident.  But it quickly became more than just a side hustle for me. It has not only helped to transform my skin (more than once now) but it's also become an income source that would impact any family's life.

Since starting in the beauty business I’ve learned so much about myself and why I feel so passionate about what I’m doing. But becoming a mother was when I truly felt as though I found out what motivated me every single day!


Truly, my biggest goal in all of this is connecting with other people and trying to find the best way that I can to be of service to them. 

So, reach out!  I’m here.  Let’s talk!

What can I do to serve and help YOU?


Thanks for submitting!

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