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At least I didn't start a podcast - 2020 trends

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

In my wildest dreams I never thought that I would ever start a blog, and yet here we are.

That's what happens when you're trapped at home in the middle of a pandemic. What can I say? 2020.

Yet, unlike what felt like the rest of the planet (not to mention every celebrity ever) I did NOT start a podcast! So, you're welcome. Or maybe, I'm sorry. Because with a blog I guess you have to read it yourself instead of just listening to someone else reading/talking to you. Either way... here we are.

Now that we are nearing the end of 2020 it got me thinking about everything that came and went while we were all stuck inside waiting out this pandemic.

I don't know about you, but thankfully I watched as many of these came and went and didn't participate in all of them. There were a chosen few, but I suppose I'm not as bored as some what with a very small child running around the house.

Things that became over saturated when we were all forced to stay home and self quarantine…


Everyone and their mom has a podcast now. I know this is true because at one point podcast equipment was just as hard to find as toilet paper and clorox wipes.


All of a sudden everyone decided to learn how to make a starter for sourdough or smash overly ripe bananas and make bread from them. Why? Who the hell knows. Also, how did this get so wide spread so fast? I haven’t decided to actually do any research to find out if theres and answer to these questions, but it’s what’s in my brain. Martha Stewart is probably sitting somewhere raking in a ton of dough from it. ...get it, dough


Who even knew that tiktok was a thing before March 2020? All I knew about it was that it was for those much younger than me and so I avoided it like the plague, claiming to be too good for it.

Guess who joined tiktok in August If you can’t beat em, join em.


Why? Just why? I am not a big fan of starting a project where you know the outcome is going to be something horribly messy and also a finished product that you will never wear and will just donate a few months later. So, yeah, I skipped that one.


We already have 2. They are amazing yet expensive enough. We do not need another. BUT I love that so many new families were formed because of this! So, probably my favorite byproduct of all this so far.


Need I say more? I mean, if you haven’t seen it then I’m going to guess that you have somehow escaped the pandemic and are living on another planet. Because Carol Baskin is now on dancing with the stars for crying out loud! It was a thing.


Puzzles, pillow dresses, zoom happy hours, instagram lives, Dalgona coffee and at home workouts. I might be missing one or two extras, but it’s hard to keep up on everything that takes over the internet when you’re still trying to run a business and also raise a toddler under 2.

What were your favorites from this time? What did you participate in? Did you love it, regret it? I'd love for you to share with me in the comments!

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